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I empower women to achieve financial success while making

a meaningful impact.



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It's your time to shine

As someone who has already achieved success as a speaker, author, online course creator, or podcast host, you are looking to make an even greater impact.

That's where I come in as your strategic guide and wing-woman, ready to help you determine the right path to grow your influence and bring home the money you deserve.

No, really. It is your time to shine. Brighter than a diamond, in fact.

Let's work together to transform your


To make the biggest impact you need to be seen, heard, and valued

by the right people.

You need fully-formed ideas, razor-sharp positioning, compelling products and growing networks.

And you need to how to leverage them to create meaningful change.

Most people can’t reach their impact potential on their own.

That’s where I come in.


If you're a self-driven, highly passionate individual with a knack for generating new ideas, you know that your energy is your most precious resource.

That's why I refer to it as "in-ergy" – it's the fuel that powers everything that needs to happen inside our businesses and ourselves to reach maximum fulfilment.

But guarding your in-ergy isn't always easy. That's why I help clients to go from where they are to where they want to be.


I believe women should be well-paid

for the work they do.

That’s why I work with clients to diversify and strengthen their revenue streams, launch new products, reduce expenses, and keep their customers coming back for more.

So if you want to go from sending proposals and crossing your fingers to being in control of steady profits year after year, give me a call.

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Does this sound like you?

I want to get started

You’re ready to ditch the corporate job for the consulting world. You’re about to complete your PhD. You’ve got an idea for a book. Or you’re getting on stage and want to get paid for it.

You’re just not sure how to turn it from an idea into a credible brand and an income.

I want to step up

You’re already one or more profitable products in your eco-system.

You know there are more customers who want to buy your programs and products, but you don’t know how to

reach them.

You want to go from sending proposals and taking bookings to being fully booked out.

I want to stay strong

Your audience already knows your name. You’re earning a sizeable income from at least one source.

But you also know that you still have lots to achieve — new programs and products to develop, stages to speak on, books to publish, and corporate deals to close.

You’re ready to take your income and impact to the next level, but you’re not sure what to do next.

Kind words

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"To say Kathy is phenomenal is an understatement"

Kathy has completely transformed my speaking and consultancy business in the last two years. Kathy's ideas strike the perfect balance between being innovative and creative and also highly practical and achievable.

Dr Kristy Goodwin

"I cannot

recommend her

highly enough"

Kathy’s strategic brilliance has increased my enquiry-to-sales ratio by 75%, which has made a significant difference to my

bottom line.


"Kathy will guide and support you to exceed your potential"

She is a truly exceptional strategist who's expertise in business and marketing strategy, growth and sales are are unrivalled. I highly recommend working with Kathy to any thought leader, emerging or established.


A Snow Covered Mountain Under the White Sky

Cookie cutters? Nope, not here. Not now. Not ever.

l believe in bespoke guidance and not cookie-cutter growth-hacking programs that assume everyone faces the same obstacles.

Signing up for courses that insist you write books, launch memberships, or spend 1000's on Facebook ads won't get you where you need to go.

Instead, we'll work together to identify the golden threads that connects your purpose with your knowledge, aligning all the moving parts to help you achieve the things you lay awake at 3am thinking about.

I work with women like these

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To do things like this

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Generate more revenue

Reach the right people

Create new products

Craft their positioning

Expand their networks

Launch into new markets

Create their speaker kits

Draft presentations

Design product ecosystems

Become Bureau-ready

Appear in the media

Launch their books

Build their teams

Get paid to speak

Expand their networks

Here's how

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Step 1

We agree on what you need

The first thing we do is work out what you need. From presentation development and positioning to strategic plans and content development, we'll align on the jobs to be done to get you where you want to go. Depending on what you need, we might work together over a defined number of weeks/sessions. Or we might hang out on Zoom every week.

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Step 2

We get it done, together

With our plan agreed, we'll get on with the job of getting things done. We'll work on everything together. This means co-creating documents and assets. It means brainstorming solutions. It means testing, designing and refining propositions, products, pricing and more. I"ll be your Business Strategist, Head of Sales, and Marketing Director all in one.

Less talk. More action. Yes, it's really that simple.

We’ll start with Results

We will always begin our collaboration by unpacking the results you're seeking, whether they're financial gains or non-financial achievements. I believe both are equally important. Here's a tool to help you figure out what you're aiming to achieve revenue-wise.

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Change the world.

Get well-paid for it.

Be monk-state happy doing it.

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With nearly two decades of experience in corporate strategy and marketing roles, I've had the privilege of selecting speakers (and solving tricky marketing and business problems) for industry giants like ANZ, ING, and Zurich and solving tricky business challenges for brands like Curash, HP, and MadMex.

What sets me apart is my unique background starting my career on the other side of the table, being sold to by thought leaders and industry experts.

This perspective allows me to identify business growth and sales strategies that set individuals apart, benefiting clients like Heidi Dening, Dr Jodi Richardson, and Dr Kristy Goodwin.

Through my extensive network and in-depth knowledge of both sides of the industry, I provide customised marketing and business growth services. Services that are always bespoke. As nobody wants to be the same, right?!

A little bit about me

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The world needs to hear what you have to say...I'm here to make sure they do

I believe it's just as important to know who I am as what I can do for you. Here are the three things that matter to me, thoughts that keep me awake and trails I want to blaze.

Equality for Women

No woman should have to fight for equality. She should have it from the moment she's born. Until this is the case, world-wide, there's more to be done.

So much more!

Respect for Audiences

No matter your reach, influence or age, I believe every person with a voice should respect the time and attention of those they seek to engage. This means being prepared, always professional and never 'winging' it.

Real Representation

I am proudly an intersectional feminist who will fight for real representation on stages, in board rooms and behind microphones. In doing so, I acknowledge I am a white cisgendered woman and that my role is to propel others forward.

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More Kind Words

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"An absolute


of a human-being"

Within 6 months of working with Kathy I was able to double my business. She is not only incredibly smart, but innovative and at the forefront of everything she does.


"Kathy is professional, honest, kind, and compassionate"

She has provided clear guidance across all areas of my business, and facilitated consistent confident action that I would have struggled to make on my own.


"Kathy is a


of light"

She combines her deep strategic capability, knowledge and experience of Business, and break-through thinking, into simple, but effective plans


Reach out if you want to create

magic together.

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Get started

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+61 401 262 665

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I acknowledge the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the lands on which I meet, work and speak. I pay my respects to all First Nations peoples, and their Elders past, present and emerging. I am grateful for their stories, traditions and teachings. I recognise that sovereignty has never been ceded in Australia.

It always was and always will be, Aboriginal land.